Bamboo Pillow Pod Case
Bamboo Pillow Pod Case
Bamboo Pillow Pod Case
Bamboo Pillow Pod Case

Pillow Pod

Bamboo Pillow Pod Case

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incredibly soft and hypoallergenic

Bamboo Pillow Pod Cases

Our 100% Bamboo Pillow Pod Cases are designed to keep you cool, comfortable, and allergy-free all night long. Experience the ultra-smooth and gentle feel of these cases against your skin and hair, whilst the temperature-regulating and hypoallergenic properties keep you cool throughout the night.

Designed for ultimate comfort

About Our Cases

Ultra Soft Material

Made from high quality bamboo that feels amazing

PLEASE NOTE: This is for the purchase of a Bamboo Pillow Pod Case ONLY. You will require a Pillow Pod to use this case!

DISCLAIMER: We advise that you cold gentle machine wash your Pillow Pod Case separately at a maximum of 30°c. We recommend either line drying the Pillow Pod Case or tumble drying it on low.