What's a Pillow Pod?

The Pillow Pod Support Pillow is the softest, most comfy pillow you will ever own. It is specially designed to cradle your body and support your neck, hips and legs to promote a better, more comfortable sleep.

We use ultra-soft cotton paired with plush memory resistant polyester filling to help you reach the ultimate level of comfort in any position.

It is not only the best sleep companion, it also can be used throughout the day, reading a book or watching your favourite show. Either way we know you’re going to be comfiest in the Pillow Pod Support Pillow.

Australian Shipped and Owned

Why the Pillow Pod?

✔ Supports hips, legs and shoulders
✔ Alleviates pressure on spine
✔ Minimises aches and pains
✔ Improves blood circulation
✔ Prevents numbness
✔ Decreases swelling and discomfort
✔ Eases anxiety and stress
✔ Enhances sleep quality
✔ Perfect for anyone and everyone

Same Day Dispatch

Our Australian Warehouse normally ships same-day if you order before 2pm on a business day (AEST/AEDT).

Our Value Bundles

Build Your Own Bundle

Create your own perfect bundle by mixing and matching any combination of Pillow Pod Support Pillows and Extra Pillow Pod Cases and SAVE MORE with EVERY ITEM on top of our current 30% OFF SALE!

Snooze + Protect Bundle

Sleep soundly and safeguard your mattress with this unbeatable deal. Save an EXTRA 20% when you choose 1 Pillow Pod and 1 or MORE Fully Encased Mattress Protectors.

3 Pack Pillow Pod Cases

Simplify laundry day and get the BEST VALUE for your Pillow Pod Cases with our 3 Pack Pillow Pod Case Bundle. Enjoy an EXTRA 15% OFF when you choose ANY 3 Cases.

Our Story

We started Pillow Pod in 2021 after our co-founder Simone’s decade-long struggle with scoliosis and spinal fusion, where she experienced firsthand how chronic pain can impact your sleep and mental health. Also, our second co-founder Matthew suffered physical pain and discomfort from sleeping on his side. We decided to create a solution that could help people solve their sleeping issues. This is how the Pillow Pod Support Pillow was born.

We have helped thousands of people find relief and comfort in their Pillow Pod Support Pillows. We feel fortunate to turn our personal struggle into a solution that helps others, and we're dedicated to improving people's sleep. If you're someone who's dealing with issues that are impacting your sleep, we encourage you to give the Pillow Pod Support Pillow a try. We're confident that it can make a difference for you, just like it has for so many others.